Packaging Designers & Packaging Design

Brand positioning is at the core of packaging development through material choice, surface textures, print treatments and structural engineering.

The development of any project includes first round sampling in our UK and China CTP studios followed by digi colour mock-ups and pre-production print samples and print tests. Finished samples can be tested in lab conditions to simulate climatic conditions and client compliance.

Once all 3 phases are successfully passed, mass production starts.


The launch of a new nail polish requires value-added packaging to raise the perceived value of the product.
Qty: 50K
Budget: £0.50 - £0.80
Delivery: Within 4 months


A development fee is agreed and price points are proposed. Visuals are then supplied.

Visuals Visuals

A chosen route is agreed and physical materials and print materials are presented, 3D visuals are supplied.

Final costs are defined and KPI's agreed.
Cutter guides created, artworks created and white samples produced.
Up to two rounds of samples are created before approved samples are agreed.

Packaging Designers & Packaging Design

Wrapology have been working in packaging design since 2001.

We've worked across multiple sectors such as beauty and fragrance, jewellery, food and drink, technology, fashion and many others.

Brands brief us to find new ways to either find solutions or challenge existing ones related to:

Having worked in the packaging design industry for over 15 years - spanning many industries and working with major brands - our collective knowledge of the packaging industry, as a whole, combined with our production know-how from our China business means we propose ideas that are implementable and cost effective.

No matter whether you're a small or big brand, a start-up or a brand burdened with confusing global brand guidelines; our team are experienced at putting together a design presentation that provides the information and solutions you require.

We work to briefs within the following areas;

Product packaging design - typically related to sports, giftware and household products

E-commerce packaging design - typically related to mailing boxes, bags, wrap and labels

In-store packaging - typically related to products used in store; carrier bags, boxes, tissue, wrap, swing tags and gift wrap

Jewellery packaging design - Creating a complete range of packaging for a jewellery brand ribbons, tissue, labels

Food & Drink Packaging Design - Creating a complete range of packaging for a drink or jewellery brand.

Our packaging design service can also include a sampling and prototyping service, as well as options for exploring materials and production techniques further, such as draw downs, print trials and product testing.

If you would like a quotation related to our product packaging development, please contact us with your brief so we can provide a quotation.